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Hallmarket are proud to announce due to popular demand its refurbishing service. Over the past years we have been asked by our customers to carry out full or part refurbishment of:

Turf Harvesters - Hallmarket, Kesmac, and Brouwer
Gang Mowers - Kesmac, Brouwer, some Ransomes models, some Beaver models
Turf Laying Machines - Hallmarket

This service is constantly expanding to cover more makes and models. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your machine is not shown above.

Each product is given a full assessment before any work begins and from that a detailed quotation is produced indicating clearly the work to be carried out and the parts needed. Customers are kept fully in touch with the progress throughout the process.

Powder Coating Customers often use our Powder Coating option which entails a total strip down, shot blast, powder coating, plating and a total refit. This process brings the machine back to its former glory significantly increasing the residual value.

Product Knowledge All our engineers are fully skilled people working to detailed instructions drawn up at the time of quotation. Our engineers have excellent product knowledge and work in a supervised environment. Our company has a hands on product knowledge which extends from the workshop to the field operation of each machine. Our experience is second to none.

Hallmarket Process The process by which work is carried out has been carefully designed to deliver you the very best results. Our process monitors closely the agreed delivery date and most important of all the quality of the work. On completion rigorous Pre Delivery Checks are carried out to ensure the product is reinstated to its best performance and condition. Hand over checks are carried out or even a field set up service is available as if the product is being delivered for the first time.

Our system is tried and tested reinstalling once again:


Buy with Confidence from Hallmarket!